Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dr H is with me all the way - New Diet!

Well, I did think that I had heard it all but now there's another, I say another because it's not 'new' it's just I have not heard of it before.

The great thing is that my Doc is well in favour of it (sound like I've changed my accent?)
It involves a little bit of 'Fasting' init!

But that aint it tho' it aint really fastin an stuff jus keepin an eye on ye cals for two days...

It's the 5:2 eating plan.

5 days you eat normal like, an two o dem you keep uz cals to 500-600

Walk in the park!

Zo I'z well gone a try it and if it works and gets ma belly down I might sport an other accent.

I was likin the Scottish yin!
Cheers for noo
I'll keep ye posted.

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